Next Auto Index 3.0 Standalone PHP Script Download

by - February 06, 2019

Next Auto Index
Next Auto Index 3.0 Standalone PHP Script Download

Next Auto Index is a reborn of Master AutoIndex. A mobile focused autoindex script that allows users to create a mobile download site. It has plugin system built-in that will take it to it’s ultimate level.

  • Features:-

Image Watermarking(requires GD library)
Real Video Watermark(requires ffmpeg)
Mass Mp3 Tag Editor
Upload/Import via URL
Mass File Renamer
HTML Updates Editor
Files Scanning
Automatic Mp3 Tag Editor
Automated Sitemaps(Full)
Full SEO Optimized
Almost all files preview
Highly customizable with plugins
Plugins market with free plugins.
Highly Secure
Upload Thumbnails for every types of file
Auto Mp3 Voice Track
File display system like common download portals.
Related files
Auto Ping Sitemaps to Search Engines
Powerful Updates Manager

Enjoy it……………..

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