LiveCriket Open source live cricket score script Download

by - February 06, 2019

Livecriket Open source live cricket score script with demo
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  • Features of LiveCric Open Source PHP Script:

Some of the greatest features of LiveCric are the following. More features will be add to the script in the upcoming days. Mirazmac developed the script. By using this Live Cricket Score script, you can make a lot of traffic to your mobile site or website. You don't need to do anything on the script; It will automatically update the script with the help of the API.
  • Live Cricket Score: Live cricket score feature will allow your visitors to view live cricket score report that was published by ESPN. 
  • Cricket News: Cricket News feature will allow your visitors to know about the latest cricket news; This option was working with RSS Feed of many websites.  
  • Ball by Ball Updates: Ball by Ball Updates option will show current batsman and baller status. That will make your visitors happier than just viewing the score. 
  • Pre-Match Preview: The Pre-Match Preview option will allow your visitors to know about the starting time of cricket and where the match will going to held.

Minimum Requirements to Install the Script:

All you want to install OpenCric Live Cricket Score PHP Script was a Public Server (It may be a Cpanel or Windows Panel) that support PHP Programming language.

Steps To Install This Script:-
Step 1 : Log on to your Control panel.
Step 2: Go to file manger
after log in Go to your File manger on your dashboard. You can use FTP to upload but File manager is easier. Then find Folder like “public_html” or "htdocs".
Step 3 :Upload your script
Step 4: Unzip the script.
And Enjoy...
Your script is ready to use . Check by using the domain that has provided by Host. 

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